Protecting Your Business Online

Monday, May 14, 2012 1:53
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Tired of seeing your competitors and ex-employees slandering your business and intangible goodwill online? I know I was. Here is my story of how I made it through the rough times and how I am flying high now thanks to one reputation management company.

It all started way back in 2008 when I took the leap to start a business online and leave the dreads of the corporate Wall Street world. I looked at creating a directory similar to the one at but knew that I needed good people around me to ensure that I would succeed.

So I put up advertisements on,, and all of the other online classified websites. It appeared that monster didn’t bring in as talented individuals as Craigs list did for the money just in case any of my readers were wondering. None the less we started building an online blog community where visitors could create their on blog and have a personalized website for themselves.

After three years of positive growth and a plethora of new customers one of our top employees decided to go out and start their own blog community. What they ran into was a situation that many undersestimate in the real world – “It’s a lot easier said, than done”. After his business started to fail he found that it would be easier to attack us online and drive business his way by stating that his company was better than ours and we were filled with a bunch of scam artists who ripped our bloggers off.

Obviously none of this was true but what somebody sees about you when doing their diligence can greatly affect their choice of doing business with you. That’s exactly what ended up happening. Our bottom line fell 10% one month and another 8% the very next month. I panicked all over and wanted to find a firm that could help me as cleaning up negative results is no easy feat.

Eventually I stumbled upon this company with offices in Washington, D.C. and South Florida. The company Profile Defenders  had the online reputation management experts that knew exactly what they were talking about along with the needed skillsets to solve the issues plaguing my internet business.

The end result is a clean image online, no more negativity, and a competitor that eventually gave up after they saw how strong the new sites, press releases, and material that was showing up when our company name was searched.

Best of all there are a ton of positive reviews, testimonials, and  videos online about us and our bottom line now steadily increases.

The Greatest Super Bowl Promotion Of All Time

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 17:56

bud-bowlI’m a good old fashioned red blooded American. I like Beer, Cheese, Apple Pie and the Super Bowl. Every January I get excited about the prospect of the one Sunday each year where everyone is on my page, even my wife and her sisters and mother. They’re all with me. “Let’s watch football, eat until we’re sick, drink beer, take a nap and do it all without feeling guilty. Usually on Sunday’s, I feel alone with my football and my food. But on Super Bowl Sunday, America is right there with me. But I’m a Buffalo fan so it hasn’t been my team in the game in about 15 years. But even when it was (including their 4 consecutive losses) I always enjoyed the commercials. And now, while I still love the game itself, when I don’t have a “dog in the hunt” so to speak I find that I love the commercials perhaps even more.

I love marketing. I know that I’m being taken advantage of by corporate branding, but I still enjoy it. From funny commercials, to the random business promotional products that adorn my work desk, I really enjoy corporate branding. One such promotion is one that I miss with the great fondness and nostalgia that can only come with childhood memories. The Bud Bowl!

Come on, you remember. The Bud Bowl was the promotional highlight of nearly every Super Bowl from 1989 until its final flight in 1997. For the young and uninitiated, the Bud Bowl was a mock Football Game featuring animated bottles of beer fighting against one another. It was clever, it was witty and it was excellent. Each year Bud was pitted against Bud Light in the battle for supremacy. Animated with an incredible flair in 3D computer Graphics by the San Francisco Production Group, they pleased both the young and young at heart. Budweiser had a solid hit on its hands. The games always featured an real life sports broadcaster such as Bob Costas and Chris Berman. Often times the teams would have a celebrity coach including, most notably, Mike Ditka. The Bud Bowls usually parodied sports lore such as recreating the infamous “Stanford Band” play and bringing the “Fridge” and “Freezer” in reference to Super Bowl XX fame. Funnily enough, I always rooted for Bud Light and to this day I have no idea why.

When I watch the commercials for the most recent Super Bowls I find myself each and every year somewhat underwhelmed. Occasionally there is 1 or 2 that stand out, but none that have the flair or panache as the Bud Bowl. Now when I see the promotional gimmicks like a 3D commercial for a kids movie or horses kicking field goals I wonder where the promotional innovation went? There was of course “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” but that was nearly a decade ago. Perhaps it’s that when I was a kid I could more easily become lost in the grandeur of the commercial, and perhaps now I’m more jaded having had a wealth of experience in the promotional marketing world. But nevertheless, I always look back fondly when I remember the greatest Super Bowl promotion of all time… The Bud Bowl.

Oh, and for what it’s worth Budweiser took the series 6-2.:cool:

Commercial Printing ~ What You Need When Printing

Saturday, September 12, 2009 7:06
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Commercial business printing offers a unimaginable solution to all your printing needs. Many online printing companies can handle smaller and longer quality runs along with numerous options.

From digital printing to color, short run, ink jet, large format and even more commercial printing companies tend to offer everything with their state of the art equipment. In today’s market custom business printing is the best way to be noticed. There are several marketing tips that help you to become visible but to stand out and be different could help your business!

Just like other printings with custom printing all of the standard options are available as well. Personalizing your own design & postcard printing and characteristics is some of the best advantages that will help to receive the attention that you strive for. Different ideas help to separate you throughout the world.

However, commercial printing is not just about the innovation and technology, but also the employees printing skills and experience.

There are several advantages to commercial printings. First, the color print quality is awesome. You can have catalogs, brochures, postcards, and even posters printed. So if you are looking for a printing deal, commercial printing will save you money. You will not have to worry about paying for all the ink, paper, and wear on your equipment when you have a printing company do the job for you!

There is shifting trend towards online printing because of its convenience and cost effectiveness as compared to printing shops. One of them is PSPrint which are also capable of giving ideas to make the best quality job complete for your small business marketing needs !

Benefits of Promotional T-Shirts For Marketing

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 19:48
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In my experience one of the most effective and most affordable custom products for promotional branding is the humble t-shirt, as not only are these very useful for staff to wear in and out of the business environment, but if they are of a good quality and well styled then customers will also be happy to receive them and wear them in their own time as well.  This creates a lot of exposure for your business and is an easy way to get your brand name out and about into the public arena.

Printed t-shirts are great for those more relaxed working environments where staff are not required to wear uniforms, and provide an affordable way to make sure customers can identify your employees quickly and easily, and also reinforce your branding.  As part of my business I attend a lot of trade shows and promotional events and find that printed t-shirts are also one of the most popular giveaway items on our stands, in fact we always run out of these promotional products first.  People love to receive good quality giveaway apparel, and as a bonus the employees staffing the stall can also wear branded clothing to strengthen the impact of your overall branding image.

I found Indigo Clothing and my review is that they make some fantastic custom t-shirts, and is the ideal place to go if like me you don’t have a lot of resources to spend on designing and ordering promotional materials.  The website  is very easy to use and the pricing structure affordable and good value for money with printed t-shirts from as little as $1 each.  You can get an instant quote using the online catalogue, or if you have a more complicated order you can contact one of the helpful Indigo Clothing representative directly on phone, fax or email to get a custom quote.

This is useful if you have a large order in mind, as there are some great savings on bulk orders using the current promotional code ‘StockClearance’.  Also if you are a student and thinking about getting t-shirts made up for a college team or event then you can get some great savings with the Indigo Clothing student cashback bonus, which will give you 20% of the list prices.  All you need to do is just type in the promotional code ‘Cashback’ when you get to the checkout.

Indigo Clothing
provide a great level of service, and as well as t-shirt printing they also supply screen printing and embroidery designs on a range of promotional clothing including jackets and hoodies.  Once of the main reasons I personally choose Indigo Clothing was that they had a positive ethical policy, and provide a range of 100% Organic Cotton Clothing so you can be sure that the materials come from fair trade and eco-friendly sources.  Another reason why I choose Indigo Clothing was their very impressive client list, which has some huge brand names including Cadburys, Evian, River Island, Roc and Johnson’s, and they also supply promotional clothing for the British Army and top University sports clubs such as Cambridge University Boat Club. :cool:

Business Card Design Ideas

Saturday, July 25, 2009 7:11
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It is believed by many people that business card is sometimes more important than a resume. Hence effective designs and the right message forms an integral part of business card designs. The right business card will help you get in touch with meaningful people in the right possible way.

When choosing business card designs or designing a business card you must keep the following points in mind:

  • When putting information in your card, you must not put all of it at once. Sometimes less information makes a greater impact on the people you want to establish professional relation with.
  • You must enter information related to your business and activities in the right appropriate manner. For instance, if you are an engineer by profession, you must clearly mention the relevant details. You must never leave everything to chance. You can also choose a funky title for yourself but make sure the other person becomes aware of your profession.
  • Do not try to design the business card yourself. Nowadays, you can get a business card designed for under $30. Some of the online business card design companies also let your customize the design of the business card according to your needs and requirements.

Talk to the people who have already made good contacts with the aid of business cards. They will be the perfect guide for you to choose the best business card designs.